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Last year Lee bought me a shiny Midori Traveler's notebook as a gift, thinking I was going to use it to record my time in Sweden. I ended up being too busy having fun and talking to record much--or possibly too lazy--but I've been trying to use it more. Once I discovered that there are a bunch of ways I can customize it (like making my own journal inserts!!) I started to love it. Lately I've been using it to keep organized.

A writer should never be without something to jot notes down onto, after all. The Midori is perfect for this because when loaded with notebooks it's sturdy enough to write without needing a hard surface and still flexible enough that it lays flat so you can write close to the center.

Let me inflict pictures of my Midori features on you.

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I'd love to see how you organize things, especially if they involve notebooks/binders/stationary, etc. Please do share if you feel comfortable doing so!