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Last year Lee bought me a shiny Midori Traveler's notebook as a gift, thinking I was going to use it to record my time in Sweden. I ended up being too busy having fun and talking to record much--or possibly too lazy--but I've been trying to use it more. Once I discovered that there are a bunch of ways I can customize it (like making my own journal inserts!!) I started to love it. Lately I've been using it to keep organized.

A writer should never be without something to jot notes down onto, after all. The Midori is perfect for this because when loaded with notebooks it's sturdy enough to write without needing a hard surface and still flexible enough that it lays flat so you can write close to the center.

Let me inflict pictures of my Midori features on you.

Outside views. It's quite thick, since I've got like... 6 or 7 different inserts in there. But it stays closed even without the elastic around it, and doesn't seem in danger of exploding XD

This was a pendant that Val bought for me in 2009 on my first visit to Sweden, from the metalsmith shop at Skansen, because it had a crystal in the middle XD. The clasp on the chain broke a while back, so I thought I'd use it as a charm for my notebook, so I can have something that reminds me of her everyday.

Observe the thickness. Also observe the little Viral charm on the bookmark cord >D

Here is the plastic zip pouch for receipts, and a clear plastic pocket for photographs and tickets and things. Behold two pictures of Kelsey and one of Lee and I when we were kids. There used to be a picture of Luffy but my mother-in-law stole it for herself.

Craft file! So handy for holding random mail to be dropped at the post office, or checks I've just received, etc. That thing on the flap is a photo sticker of a card I once received from Liz, quite at random, I believe. It's my Liz thing to remember her by, the equivalent to Val's pendant.

My chronodex weekly calendar for the first four months of the year. That is this week's one. It tracks my daily schedule in hour-long increments (with little ticks for every 15 minutes). It gives me an excuse to use the many pens I have. Also it lets me plan out my day in 15-minute segments while still only taking up two pages per week. Brilliant idea.

Extra tabs and stickies, and scratch paper in the craft file pocket for loose notes. On the left is the month's budget, so I can cross things off as I pay for them, and worry over things.

I bought a pack of three moleskine sahiers on sale at B&N for 8 bucks. Cut less than an inch off either side of the book and it fits perfect. This one is a catch-all for notes and random bus-writing. The second half of the notebook is reserved for writing ideas (see the blue tab).

Back side of moleskine cahier and a quick handmade insert I made of typewriter paper, for when the mood strikes, and also because typewriter paper is excellent for random sketches.

A recently printed Word Count diary, to help motivate me to write. I basically just enter the date, the number of words I wrote, and what I actually worked on. There's a weekly total. The cover is lilac cardstock, and the spine is saddlestitched with hemp cord.

At the very back, another weekly calendar. This is where the due dates and appointments go, to be transferred to the Chronodex if something is to be done at a specific time during the day.

...and that's it. 8D Fun things.

I'd love to see how you organize things, especially if they involve notebooks/binders/stationary, etc. Please do share if you feel comfortable doing so!
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