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For the fandom snowflake challenge day #4, I poked at someone new and they answered back with a perfectly amiable PM. =D

For day #5: In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I'm sure this person needs no introduction to Sherlock Holmes fandomers, but just in case there are fans of the famous detective out there who do not yet follow this person's work, may I introduce the immensely talented Ghostbees on tumblr?

What can I say about Ghostbees? I think one look at the artwork on their tumblr and you will readily understand why I think they are amazing. The artist's Holmes and Watson are uniquely their own, not quite Granada, not BBC Sherlock, but a mixture of things, as the artist explains.

I also think the artist has a good head on their shoulders, and can respect their opinions about the various Sherlock Holmes adaptations (they really get why Elementary is great to me), and this makes me like them even more.

I really hesitate to link specific works here because there are so many that I like to choose from. But maybe a few will illustrate what I mean when I say amazing? The illustrations make me smile every time I come across one, and the artist is so very prolific that there are plenty to enjoy. If you're at all interested in the various permutations of Sherlock Holmes, do consider following Ghostbees on tumblr.

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5/1/14 13:02 (UTC)
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Aw yes, she's my fav! /here via snowflake

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5/1/14 17:17 (UTC)
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Here via [community profile] snowflake_challenge. Thank you for the rec. I've never seen Ghostbees' work before. It's terrific.